Probate and Trust Administration

I routinely advise clients on administering probate estates and alternatives to probate such as small estates.  I help clients understand probate timelines and procedures to be followed once appointed as personal representative, and review the duties one has as a fiduciary.  I advise clients on searching for creditors, paying expenses and creditors in the correct order, and understanding what income and estate taxes may be required.  I assist clients in preparing court accountings and requesting the final distribution of the estate.  Throughout, I pride myself on being approachable and understanding during a difficult time.
Trust Administration
You may be called to act as a trustee after the death of a loved one, or while a loved one is still alive but no longer able to manage his or her financial affairs.  Although a court proceeding may not be required to act as trustee, understanding the relevant timelines remains important.  Many of the rules to administer a trust may not be in the trust document but are instead supplied by statute.  The distribution standards in a trust often need interpretation. Trustees are held to a high fiduciary standard, so it is critical to have the advice of an attorney in administering a trust.

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